Hiring New Suppport Staff

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Hiring New Suppport Staff

Post by Never on Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:29 pm


If you are interested to join the team please read the following information, and after reading if you have reach all the requirements just fill-up the application form.

    What is a Support Moderator ?
  • Their main job is to provide support in the support section. They also help personal problems if possible.

Requirements in joining the support team:
- You must have knowledge to fix a forumotion forum.
- You must read and follow our Community Rules.
- You must have no bad records in this board.

Application Form:
Forum Username:
Do you have experience in fixing and moderating a forumotion forum ?
Are you wiling to do your job as a staff ?

Exclamation Note: If you have been accepted you will go to the trial period and be observed by up to 2-3 days, After the trial period that is the time you received the official postion if you really deserve it.

Just reply in this thread your application forms... Wink


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